Getting to know George

Meet George

Name: George Peel

Date: Joined: Founded in 1997

Likes: Fillet Steak, Horse Racing & Football

Dislikes: Brussels Sprouts, Banks & Bad Manners

Favourite Holiday: Visiting the Lake District

The advancement & technology in CNC machines i.e. Lathes, Milling Machines, Wire Erosion, Laser Machines etc.

The most important thing is that you can't just make your customers happy, you have to delight them, no matter how big or small the order, everyone should be treated equally.

I actually fell into the engineering industry by mistake, I wanted to be an electrician

Horse Whisperer or Clock Maker

I am involved with the running of the day to day business, for example, I organise the day's deliveries, order materials, work on developments of drawings, organise office staff to undertake certain tasks and deal with any problems that may arise. I also have daily chats with our other four companies, just in case they need any assistance.

Yes, I am director of various companies but I like to think myself as some kind of troubleshooter, assisting the other companies where I can. The Interesting part of the job is the daily challenge of variable and difficult jobs. I still learn something new every day which I love.

Eliminate the error before it happens.   

Listen generously, ask plenty of questions as you will learn quicker that way, suggest any ideas or recommendations, you have to be driven to be an engineer. Also, learn and watch other people,  be enthusiastic and most importantly enjoy it!

 The one I have now

I really don’t require motivating. I have loved this job from day one. When I joined Batey Metallic as an apprentice, I was very lucky and fortunately, I had one of the best engineering mentors anyone could ever ask for. His kindness and devotion to ensure I was the best I could be has made me  love this job so much. Even to this day, I still consider my job to be my hobby (Sad eh?)

John Batey

John Harrison

My Father

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George Peel is a Managing Director at Impress Group. He has 42 years’ experience in the engineering industry.

After leaving school at the age of 16 he joined Batey Metallic as an apprentice, where he spent one year at college and the subsequent 3 years were spent learning the trade with four4 days at work and 1 day at college. At the age of 20, he passed his apprenticeship with flying colours and within a few years George was promoted to foreman. In 1982 George was offered another promotion and was now a manager, he continued in this role for 9 years. 

In 1991, he left Batey Metallic and began working for the Pressex where he worked as Managing Director for five years.  

George was now ready for a change, so In 1997 George and his friend Steven founded Impress North East, they then subsequently expanded the business to include another four companies Express Lasers, Impressive Welding, Impress Precision Machining and North Eastern Powder Coating. George continues to be very hands on within  Impress group

In his spare time, George enjoys spending quality time with the family, long walks countryside, horseracing and watching football with his son.



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